Tuesday, 18 June 2013

General Patrick O’Reilly’s Consultant Work

Patrick O’Reilly has proven himself as an accomplished leader and devoted soldier. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has held many leadership positions that revealed his expertise in stimulating idea integration, disciplined management, and rigorous systems engineering, as well as inspiring research in aerospace, automotive, and civil engineering programs. Today, LTG Patrick O’Reilly uses his expertise, knowledge, and experience in leadership and developing US policy to advise industry and university leaders on private/public collaboration with the U.S. government.

General Patrick O’Reilly has advised civilian leaders on Department of Defense policies, strategic planning, university and industry collaboration, international projects, project initiation and management, risk management strategies, performance measurement, and cultivating workforce competencies to address evolving markets and future government needs.General Patrick O’Reilly is an innovative and thoughtful leader who is known for his ability to positively motivate teams to excel and succeed beyond their own expectations. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly readily provides encouragement and advice for young adults looking to successfully launch careers in technology, engineering, and program management.

As a consultant, LTG Patrick O’Reilly has been devoted to the success of leading organizations that specialize in creating solutions for the toughest emerging challenges that our Nation and the international community faces today and in the future. With experience leading large programs and projects, General Patrick O’Reilly is recognized for his ability to instill a sense of purpose in organizations with National and international objectives. Inspiring people who are dedicated to this mission is one of Patrick O’Reilly’s emphasized characteristics in consulting.

LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly has presented his thoughts and experiences to many universities and think tanks across the United States and internationally on developing technologies and cost effective missile defense capability. Today, retired LTG Patrick O’Reilly continues to contribute to assisting organizations demonstrate effective leadership.

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