Monday, 2 September 2013

Post-Military Career General Patrick O’Reilly

General Patrick O’Reilly has only been retired from the United States Military for less than one year and has already started blazing a new trail for himself. His expertise on weapons defense is called upon in various interviews with news organizations. He feels he will always be involved in the military as it was such a large and integral part of his life for so many years. In addition to those one-time opportunities, General Patrick O’Reilly will be offering his consulting services to companies, universities or individuals.

General Patrick O’Reilly would prefer to consult on a part-time basis in order for him to continue his volunteering and work for non-profit organizations that is his passion. He truly enjoys entering an organization and figuring out how to best address their issues for near-term and long-term results. Given his great breath of experience over a broad spectrum of industry, General Patrick O’Reilly enjoys the creativity and independence of consulting. 

General Patrick O’Reilly relishes the freedom that retirement affords to pursue his passion to help our society address the challenges of the 21st century. He is publishing articles addressing trans-Atlantic issues and often contributes to Washington DC think tanks that influence government policy. However, General Patrick O’Reilly also enjoys being an American Red Cross volunteer and assisting charity organizations to help the poor.

One of General Patrick O’Reilly’s passions is to help high school science, technology, engineering and math teachers. For this reason, General Patrick O’Reilly prefers to work with non-profit organizations, high schools and universities. His passion for education and the advancement of institutions whose cause is for the greater good of the American people fit right into these organizations. General Patrick O’Reilly is looking forward to the new journey ahead of him and expects to be successful as he was before.

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