Thursday, 29 August 2013

General Patrick O’Reilly Becomes Consultant

General Patrick O’Reilly’s approach to retirement was to look for opportunities to help others and respond when others sought his help. After several requests by industry, non-profit organizations and universities for help and advice, he decided to become a consultant. While General Patrick O’Reilly had many leadership, technical and management skills, he also was conscience of his limited experience in business and financial matters. Therefore, was trying to be as helpful as possible, he also rejected offers for him to consult when he felt his contribution would be limited.

General Patrick O’Reilly began his venture in January 2013 and has been working with a variety of organizations such as non-profits, businesses and universities. He is able to help emerging organizations and businesses on public policy, industry/university collaborations and project management. General Patrick O’Reilly is passionate about working with youth on finding their niche, particularly in careers that feature technology and all aspects of engineering. 

General Patrick O’Reilly is an effective consultant because he can easily review an organization as a whole and understand its mission and purpose. He focuses on the individual or individuals who want to achieve their own goals within that organization. General Patrick O’Reilly coaches individuals in leadership positions to value the employees who make the most contributions as well. He sees a need for that in the private sector particularly and is always pointing out how to acknowledge and empower successful employees. 

General Patrick O’Reilly is glad that he listened to advice of friends and many experienced mentors as his started his new career. General Patrick O’Reilly enjoys advising at all levels of organizational performance, especially mentoring emerging leaders to think strategically. While always mindful of fundamental principles for success, General Patrick O’Reilly emphasizes the need to be adaptive to the specific circumstances of any issue.

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  1. Are you kidding me -- a TERRIBLE leader and manager ADVISING others? Give me a break. No matter how he attempts to rehabilitate his image it will always end up with him being FIRED by DOD and the President for deployable leadership.