Monday, 23 September 2013

Traveling with General Patrick O'Reilly

General Patrick O'Reilly has held a variety of important positions in the United States Military and Government, and as such has spent many years traveling to over fifty countries multiple times. Through all the travels, General Patrick O'Reilly has learned the best and most efficient ways to do so. What follows is list of some of the dos and don’ts General Patrick O'Reilly has come up with:

(1) If you are flying, make sure you take advantage of the online check-in feature most airlines have. This can save you crucial time in the airport before your departure. General Patrick O'Reilly never arrives at the airport without already being checked in.

(2) If you are traveling for business, it is likely that your lodging has already been taken care of. If you are the one in charge of finding your hotel, find it ahead of time. General Patrick O'Reilly says you can save time and money by booking ahead of time.

(3) Do not just assume the weather will be the same wherever you are traveling to. Just because it was warm last summer, does not mean it will be the same this year. By packing properly you not only will be more comfortable, but you will also look appropriate for future clients or employers. General Patrick O'Reilly is a firm believer that good first impressions are vital to professional relationships.

(4) If you are only going somewhere for a few days, there is usually no need to check your baggage on a flight. General Patrick O'Reilly prefers to save time and hassle by packing everything in his two carry-on items. Not only does General Patrick O'Reilly save time by not having to wait around baggage claim after landing, but he also removes the risk of the airline losing his luggage.

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