Tuesday, 17 September 2013

General Patrick O'Reilly and the Missile Defense Agency

From 2008-2012, General Patrick O'Reilly served as the Director of the Missile Defense Agency. General Patrick O'Reilly was appointed to this position by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate. In the year prior, General Patrick O'Reilly held the title Deputy Director of the Missile Defense Agency.

The Missile Defense Agency is a part of the United States Department of Defense and is responsible for defending the homeland from foreign missiles and ballistics. Former names for the agency include the Strategic Defense Initiative and Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. The agency is entering its 30th year of existence.

As director of the agency, General Patrick O'Reilly was responsible for an eight thousand person, eight billion dollar a year, Federal Agency. During his time in charge, General Patrick O'Reilly directed some 29 Department of Defense and international programs. General Patrick O'Reilly was also the primary technical advisor for President Obama’s strategy on missile defense. General Patrick O'Reilly also developed and justified budgets to the US Congress, and integrated missile, space, and radar technology into operations. General Patrick O'Reilly oversaw the construction of an additional missile field and command control center in Alaska.  General Patrick O’Reilly the largest number of missile flight tests and the greatest expansion of operational missile defense capability in the history of the agency.  Based on his leadership and success, General Patrick O’Reilly was asked, and he accepted, a one-year extension in his directorship.

General Patrick O'Reilly describes the phases of missile defense as the boost, ascent, midcourse, and terminal phases. General Patrick O'Reilly oversaw the development of greater missile defense capability in every phase.  General Patrick O’Reilly was responsible for a new architecture for missile defense in Europe and presented those plans to NATO and the governments of many of our Allies.

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