Monday, 26 August 2013

General Patrick O’Reilly Enjoys Life in Alabama

General Patrick O’Reilly lives in Madison, Alabama and has enjoyed observing the medium sized city prosper in recent years. Right outside of Huntsville, Madison had only 4,000 residents in 1980 and in 2010 the city had grown to over 42,000. The boom in growth could have to do with the proximity to the move of many government agencies and large aerospace, biotechnology and automotive employers in the area. One of which is a computer software company that employs many Madison residents. General Patrick O’Reilly is quite fond of the quality of life in Madison and the majority of its inhabitants are living comfortable lives.

In addition to the current conditions, General Patrick O’Reilly appreciates the history of Madison. The old city was the site for an important battle in the American Civil War in 1864. General Patrick O’Reilly enjoys reading about all of the battles fought in Alabama and the rest of the states during the Civil War. The city was also known for being a prime stop on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad back in the 1850s. General Patrick O’Reilly loves to look at old pictures of the city and the train station in its prime. The train line brought life to the developing city and he finds it fascinating to research.

At this point in time, General Patrick O’Reilly plans to stay in Madison for his retired years. He and his family are used to the small city and feel they have all they need in close proximity. General Patrick O’Reilly readily commits his time to volunteer organizations that help the poor. They hope that it does not continue to grow too much more as they do not want to feel it become overcrowded. General Patrick O’Reilly appreciates the “small town” friendliness, kindness and values that Madison cultivates.

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