Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Family Man: General Patrick O’Reilly

General Patrick O’Reilly has had a successful military career but feels it would not have been possible without the support of his family. General Patrick O’Reilly’s met his wife while attending West Point and he has relied on her ability to care for their two children throughout times where her husband was consumed by his work and long periods of being away from home. She was always able to see the big picture, similar to General Patrick O’Reilly, and knew that what he was doing was worth the time and effort he dedicated. She was fortunate to have her own support friends around during those times as well.

With that said, General PatrickO’Reilly loved nothing more than spending his free time with his wife and two daughters. He did not have as much time off as other husbands and fathers but when he was, it was quality time. General Patrick O’Reilly’s family routinely traveled three times a year in order to spend quality time with his wife and daughters. General Patrick O’Reilly made every effort to spend uninterrupted time , which was special for his wife and daughters. She was always successful in her endeavors and the whole family has amazing memories of these times together.

General Patrick O’Reilly has always credited his wife and daughters with being his solace in an intense life. In the midst of some huge issues with testing his missile defense systems, General Patrick O’Reilly took great pleasure in communicating with his wife and daughters. Their communications would bring him back to reality and he would return to the task at hand clear-headed and focused. 

Newly retired, General Patrick O’Reilly is now enjoying time with his family. General Patrick O’Reilly proclaims “the greatest factor in my success has been my wife’s 34 years of unwavering support.” .

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